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Reform UK backs Independent Keith Tordoff for Mayor

The Reform UK parliamentary candidate for Harrogate and Knaresborough has backed Independent Keith Tordoff to be Mayor of York and North Yorkshire.
Mr Tordoff, from Pateley Bridge, is the sole Independent candidate standing for election on May 2.
Reform UK is not fielding a candidate but Richard Brown, who will stand for the party in Harrogate and Knaresborough at the general election, has given his support to Mr Tordoff and suggested the alliance could extend beyond May. He said:
“My focus is on becoming the MP for Harrogate and Knaresborough, so working strategically with Keith would be beneficial, not just to both us, but the whole region”.
“Having spoken to Keith, I have got to know about him and what he believes in. Working with him now, and going forward would be very useful.
“I think people want to see the country come together. They also want parties to work together, where there is common thinking, to give focus on delivering for the people.”
Mr Tordoff said:
“While I am not affiliated to a political party as an independent, I do of course need to work with other parties going forward.
“It is certainly true that many are watching the development of Reform UK, some welcoming the possibility of change and others still unsure — Reform UK does though, have the potential to change UK politics fundamentally and in my opinion for the better.
“I share their views that there needs to be fundamental change to how politics operates in this country.”
In a statement today announcing the news, both men highlighted concerns about the £11.2 million Harrogate Station Gateway scheme, which has recently been scaled back after North Yorkshire Council admitted its initial plans were legally flawed.
Mr Tordoff said it “has been fraught with problems from day one, and now we have a project that is proceeding with little focus over the benefits”.
He added:
“Fundamentally it’s an example of a mismanaged project, without a clear set of objectives, and it seems to divide the community, but North Yorkshire Council are pushing ahead regardless.”
Mr Brown described the gateway as a “fiasco”, adding:
“I think we need to develop a better understanding of how the Station Gateway project has gone wrong for Harrogate, and what that means for the project going forward.
“It will give important learning for similar projects that come under the York and North Yorkshire Combined Authority. We need to do much better than we have done, or are doing.”
Whoever is elected mayor will oversee a new combined authority, and a multi-million budget in areas such as housing, transport and the police and fire services.
Richard Brown
Reform UK Spokesperson
Harrogate and Knaresborough Constituency
This email contains the personal opinions and views of Richard Brown, not all are official Reform Party policies.  To see the official Reform UK Party policy visit
Reform UK backs Independent Keith Tordoff for Mayor

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