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Richard Brown

Prospective Parliamentary Candidate - Harrogate & Knaresborough

Reform UK are a new force in UK politics, a party based on a common sense, UK focussed agenda. We believe in a small state, cancelling net zero, controlled immigration and a lower tax burden. We will be standing candidates in all constituencies in the forthcoming UK General Election.

About Richard Brown

Reform UK Richard Brown

A former Chartered Accountant with my own highly successful practice with offices in Harrogate and Roydon, Essex. In my early career I worked for Price Waterhouse Coopers before setting up my own business in 1984.

I live and work in Harrogate and I am a passionate believer in the United Kingdom as an independent agent on the world stage, self reliance, small state, lower taxes for corporations and individuals, control of immigration and cancelling net zero are all worthy causes that I am fully behind. 

So, the natural home for me when considering standing as a potential Member of Parliament was Reform UK. The other main parties are all implementing a globalist agenda that no one in the UK voted for, and even less, understood what the dramatic implications are.

We need to take back control and make Great Britain great again, the only way to do this is to vote for Reform UK.

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Local Ties

Lives in Harrogate. Liaise with a large band of local clients.

Work & Education

Sole practitioner – tax & accountancy practice for 40 years.

Why Reform UK?

Vote Reform for a free, independent and democratic country with a vibrant economy that can stand proud on the world stage.

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